Infectious Disease Frequently Asked Questions

If I think I have an infectious disease should I make an appointment with Infectious Disease Specialists?

While no referrals are necessary to see an IDS doctor, in most situations it is advisable to meet with your primary care physician first. They will examine you and if they see a need will refer you to IDS for further attention.

Do I need a referral to get vaccinations before I travel abroad?

No. You may make an appointment with Infectious Disease Specialists directly. We will meet with to better understand your travel plans and provide you with the necessary vaccinations. You can learn more about our travel medicine by clicking here.

How can I get more information about infectious diseases?

Our website offers links to helpful resources and information about a wide variety of diseases and treatments. You may click here to visit our resources page.

How long before an international trip should I get vaccinated?

Most vaccinations should be received at least 2 weeks before your departure. We recommend you receive necessary vaccinations as soon as possible to avoid any potential problems. To learn more about Travel Medicine please click here.

What can I do to decrease my risk of getting an infectious disease?

One of the most effective ways of preventing an infectious disease is through immunization. It is important that you and your children receive vaccinations to safeguard your help. If you are planning to travel abroad it is also important to ensure you are vaccinated against specific diseases that you may not otherwise be vaccinated for.


Does Infectious Disease Specialists accept insurance?

Yes. We accept all health insurance. You can learn more about IDS insurance acceptance for specific conditions by clicking here.